Game of Metaverse

This is your territory,
You were born to be the king of the world...

MetaX`s background story…

Is based on Galaxy Empire

MetaX is inspired by the magnificent interstellar colonization movement described in "Empire of the Galaxy",where mankind has landed on the desolate planets and swept the galaxy into a long era of interstellar warfare until the entire galaxy was united. A vast empire rises to rule over 25 million populated planets, spanning 100,000 light years and counting trillions of people - the Galactic Empire.

How to break the long dark night and welcome the light of freedom?

- In this MetaX universe, I am the king, fearless.

Until one day...
somewhere deep in the galaxy, a sound rings out across the galaxy and MetaX appears, a group of peace-loving and freedom-loving aspirants.

The advantages of MetaX are obvious

Highlights of the game

For newbies, from the moment you become a MetaX player, you are not alone in your battle.

100 %

Degree of Decentralization

> 9

Epic Scenes

100 %

Wallet Support


Happy Gamers

The story of our battle


Team members and advisors


Aman Darwish

Core Developer

Kevin Clark

Core Developer

Anna Brown

Graphic Designer

Alexandre Lyon

Game Designer

Yurri Lenkov

Business Lead

Lam Carter


Pricing Plan

Lord system

$X1 / Bidding
  • Purchase territory
  • Exclusive logo
  • Custom motto
  • Double reward
Get Token

Prop system

$X1 / Limited sale
  • Buy NFT
  • Upgrade properties
  • Exclusive function
  • Limited sale
Play Now


$X1 / Limited sale
  • Own components
  • Increase defense
  • Enhanced attack
  • Combat system